La Rougemare

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Story of La Rougemare


THE HOUSE OF OLD LOGIS is one of the 5 historic timber-framed houses of Rouen. Listed in the general inventory of cultural heritage, it was born from Charles Morel’s passion for Gothic and Renaissance art, Maitre Huchier (carpenter) who asked Ernest Villette, the famous 19th century master carpenter, to build it for him. Thus was born the HOUSE OF OLD LOGIS in 1898. Sculptors Boutron, Geoffroy and Frouard brought him assistance for the wonderful elements forever integrated into its fabulous facade.

It is built on the famous Place de la ROUGEMARE in the historic heart of Rouen. The place takes its name from a bloody battle in 949 between Richard I, Duke of Normandy and the King of France Louis d’Outremer. Its current name was however given to him only in the 13th century when the place of ROUGEMARE integrated the enclosure of Rouen.


In the 15th, it was an important horse market.

The Saint Louis Chapel, ISMH, today a place of art and theater, was built in the 17th century (first stone laid in 1863)

It is on this fabulous place in the history of Rouen that reigns the “grotesques” of the HOUSE OF OLD LOGIS, “laughing, sad, disturbing, threatening or inquisitive, always extravagant, fantastic or enigmatic, .. in this universe strange and mysterious Rouen too little known “(” The alchemical Rouen Daniel Caillet)